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GAROTAS at UNIQUE by Mode City, Paris 2018


GAROTAS at UNIQUE by Mode city, Paris 2018!

Our new collection is a Tropical Magic, full of vibrant stories where prints are draw by our in house artists team, with a variety of flowers and selvatic textures. Fantastic colors that contrast each other, revealing an eclectic collection. Rejoice within the joy of the tropics and appreciate its delicate details!



Garotas is a brand with a Latin spirit. We are summer lovers and that is why we live intensely with a smile under the sun. We transmit positive emotions to women and make them feel comfortable, safe and happy with their bodies through unique silhouettes and original prints full of color.

Our Family
Our family is made up of more than 50 summer lovers, who live with the mission of multiplying smiles to millions of women worldwide; This is our commitment and we give our 100% towards it. Currently there are more than 200 distributors who have joined the "Smiles under the Sun" offering our products in over 25 countries.

Sewing Dreams

Stitch by stitch we build experiences of happiness, security and comfort for all of our clients. They receive a product made from their conception and whose threads are dream weavers by both the responsible people of its creation and those who use it.


The DNA of products
We are in the whole process of creating our garments. From the textile design to the development of silhouettes, Garotas offers products that stand out in design, quality and technology. We have been for more than 25 years in the Market, this time has given us the expertise to provide experiences of happiness with our unique products worldwide.

Social Responsability

We are committed to the progress of all the people who make this dream possible: that's why we work with more than 30 Colombian garment factories with the best working conditions, made up mostly of heads of families. In total there are more than 100 women who through these workshops make it possible to bring "Smiles under the sun" to millions of women around the world.

Code of conduct

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