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Respecting Human Rights
Fair wages
All our employees are paid in accordance with legal and sector
-We offer salaries includidng bonus if the productions goals
are achieved.
-We offer all employees written contracts.
We make sure that working hours of our employees are in line
with legal requirements and paid in accordance to sector and
legal requirements
-The maximum amount of working hours per day is 8. Any
overtime should be compensated in accordance with the legal
law requirements.
-We have an electronic finger print machine to control the
labor hours of our workers.
Workers are always free to join or form an organisation of choice
and be active in collective bargaining.
All our workers have healthy services, insurance coverage and
pension contribution.
We do not accept child labour in any of our operations nor the
operations of our suppliers.
- Our company have personal files of each employee, the
human resources department control that every person have the
minimum age (18) to be contracted..
Diversity contributes to the success of our business. We take all
necessary measures to avoid discrimination and create a culture
of openness and transparency so that incidents can be reported
and solved.
We celebrate diversity in our workplace. Any form of discrimina-
tion is not acceptable.
Labour practices
Our company have implement an action consisting on reciclying
the material, sell it and reinvest the money in new elements for
the use of the employees.
Each accident is one too many. We are committed to providing
our employees with a safe and secure workplace. All our workers
are trained to work in a safe manner and receive adequate
protective clothing and protective equipment. First aid kits are
present and medical assistance is given without delay.
-Our factory has a proper evacuation plan in place.
-Every six months we train all employees for an emergency
-We make sure we have adequate lighting, ventilation and
temperature control in our factory.
The development of all of our employees is key to delivering on
Our workers are regulary trained in matters of product knowledge,
personal development and responsible business practices.
The Environment
Our company have implement an action consisting on reciclying
the material, sell it and reinvest the money in new elements for
the use of the employees.
All the employees are commited with the reciclying.
The company invest in new techology of lighting (LED) to reduce
the energy consumption.
Our company complies with all relevant environmental legislation
and expects the same from its suppliers. We make sure no
potentially polluting substances will end up in the air, soil or water.
We installed adequate waste collection and disposal and are
committed to recycling when possible.
In our company, we all work according to the following core values:
We are committed to delivering the highest quality to our clients worldwide. In doing so, we expect from ourselves, our employees
and our chain partners to act with integrity, and to be transparent, responsible and committed to quality.
Fair Operating Practices
Our company believes in fair business practices. We treat our
business partners with care and respect, never engage in
corruption and respect the property rights of others.
Our company believes in fair competition. Competition laws
are respected and supply chain partners and customers are
treated fairly.
Customer Interest
Our customers can count on the best quality and the best
Our marketing efforts are always based on fair and honest
information about our products and services. We are not
engaged in dumping or other market disturbing practices.
We guarantee that our products are safe and do not negati-
vely impact human (and environmental) health in the long nor
short term.
We respect the privacy of our customers.
We have a verified system to achieve that our customers have
their information safe.
Supply Chain Responsibility
We know the suppliers we work with and are aware of the
exact origin of all our raw materials.
All our garments have certificate of Colombian origin
Good Governance
Our company is dedicated to take its responsibility. This Code of
Conduct is an important step, but we do much more to ensure
that the activities of our company contribute to a positive (socie-
tal) outcome.
-We implemented a CSR strategy and have set goals for the
next years.
-This Code of Conduct is embedded within our company. All
employees receive training about the Code of Conduct and how
to apply it in the daily operations.
-In case of a business conflict, our employees can go to the
appointed Trusted Person and share their concerns in a safe
pasion fun confidence innovation respect teamwork